The annual cultural programme of the WIST Steiermark includes concerts in the spring and Berndt Luef’s “Herbstzeitlose”. This is a series of concerts especially designed for the WIST Steiermark, which take place in November of each year. The ensembles come from fields of jazz, new e-music, musical improvisation and world music, whose music is largely unrelated to common stereotypes, which makes it difficult for them to present their projects. This applies to newly founded ensembles as well as groups and musicians who are continuously developing their music. The open concept of the event also offers the possibility to design projects specifically for this event series. Over the last couple of years, several groups had the opportunity to present their programme to the public for the first time. The “Jazz at five” event series, concerts on Sundays or public holidays starting at 5pm, has also been very popular. The “family-friendly” starting time means that even families with children can come. This is sometimes the children’s first opportunity to experience various instruments “live”.

Berndt Luef’s second field of activity within the WIST is the organisation of concerts for the ensemble “Jazztettforum Graz”. This ensemble is variable in its composition and has been working with Berndt Luef designing his own artistic work for 18 years. In the two ongoing project series “WIST-ing” and “Reflections”, the group plays concerts with a certain theme, political or purely musical, and is a platform to perform new compositions.