Controlling Running Costs

Insurance & Pumping System:

Blocked drains cause high insurance fees.

They can be prevented by
-) not flushing tampons and sanitary articles down the toilet
-) not disposing of any food via the toilet or the kitchen sink
-) not pouring cooking oil into the kitchen sink
-) removing food particles and all kinds of labels (sauce jars) before putting the dishes into the dishwasher.

Disposal Service:

In our residences, you are obligated to properly separate the waste. Only the collection of residual waste costs money, so you can save costs by carefully separating the waste.
When moving out, please do not leave behind any bulky waste.

Water Fee:

Do not waste water by letting taps run for an unnecessarily long time. Also turn off the shower or taps during interruptions. Please immediately report dripping taps and leaking cisterns.

Energy Costs:

See “How to Save Energy”

Cleaning Costs:

All facilities have to be kept clean, in order to forego extra charges for cleaning. Garbage left in music rooms, conference rooms, etc. has to be removed by the residents themselves.

Pest Control:

Immediately report any pest infested rooms and apartments in order to prevent it from spreading.
All food has to be closed and sealed properly in order to eliminate the risk of moth infestations.
Generally pay attention to the hygienic conditions.

Operating Costs