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Energy finds home

Thursday, March 13th 2014, 6pm WIST, Moserhofgasse 34, 8010 Graz

The topic “Energy and Sustainability” has been of great importance to the WIST since the winter term 2010/2011.

In the autumn of 2010 – for the first time and uniquely among non-profit accommodation providers – an energy saving competition based on the model of the Land Steiermark was launched. In June 2012 it was successfully concluded with the award of the prizes for the winners of the categories “Heating and Heat”. 667,000 kWh, an equivalent value of more than €60,000 could be saved without any special loss of comfort. On the basis of this success, it has already been possible to forego an increase in the operating costs for heating and electricity twice.

Through this competition, towards which many students and above all the home committees contributed with great commitment, a number of students have developed a fundamentally new user behaviour. In addition, the WIST is eager to make use of further potential savings and make the topic of “energy saving” a connecting element outside of the WIST, for example among the other student accommodation providers in Graz.

In order to find available potential savings, Mr. DI Jürgen A. Weigl, his trademark “Energy detective”, was commissioned to examine all the WIST student residences for possible improvements to the domestic installations. This action was supported by the Business Initiative Sustainability. Further, with its professional support, a significant reduction in electricity prices could be achieved.

The WIST would like to share its knowledge and experience for the benefit of our environment and future generations. The WIST, together with other charitable organisations in Graz, want to set an example. This is to raise environmental and energy awareness within the area of student accommodation.

On Thursday, March 13th 2014, the event “Energy Finds Home” took place at Moserhofgasse 34. It was organised as part of the project “Climate-oriented Society Life”, which was commissioned and financed by the climate protection coordinator of the Land Steiermark. The well-attended event was organised and accompanied by the Grazer Energieagentur.

The WIST also acts as multiplier and is happy to share their experience. Deputy WIST chairman Dr. Müller, the “father” of the WIST Energy Saving competition, reported on the successful energy saving campaign in the WIST. DI Lang from the Grazer Energieagentur presented the project “Energy Hunt” and gave tips and tricks on saving energy in student residences.

With the support of DI Weigl and other experts, the WIST will continue to encourage two key components of energy saving. These are the improvement of user behaviour and the investment in devices with low power consumption and optimal use.

Energy Finds Home