Operating Costs

Controlling Running Costs

Insurance & Pumping System:

Blocked drains cause high insurance fees.

They can be prevented by
-) not flushing tampons and sanitary articles down the toilet
-) not disposing of any food via the toilet or the kitchen sink
-) not pouring cooking oil into the kitchen sink
-) removing food particles and all kinds of labels (sauce jars) before putting the dishes into the dishwasher.

Disposal Service:

In our residences, you are obligated to properly separate the waste. Only the collection of residual waste costs money, so you can save costs by carefully separating the waste.
When moving out, please do not leave behind any bulky waste.

Water Fee:

Do not waste water by letting taps run for an unnecessarily long time. Also turn off the shower or taps during interruptions. Please immediately report dripping taps and leaking cisterns.

Energy Costs:

See “How to Save Energy”

Cleaning Costs:

All facilities have to be kept clean, in order to forego extra charges for cleaning. Garbage left in music rooms, conference rooms, etc. has to be removed by the residents themselves.

Pest Control:

Immediately report any pest infested rooms and apartments in order to prevent it from spreading.
All food has to be closed and sealed properly in order to eliminate the risk of moth infestations.
Generally pay attention to the hygienic conditions.

How to Save Energy

How to Save Energy

Airing and Heating:
Saving energy also means airing your rooms efficiently, since fresh, dry air heats up quicker. For this, please air your room for about 10 minutes every day. Whilst airing, the HEATING MUST BE TURNED OFF. Refrain from keeping the windows tilted (especially when the heating is turned on). This is an enormous waste of energy and harms the indoor climate.

Laundrey Room:
Only use the washing machines and tumble dryers when having filled them up fully. It is not economical to use the machines half-full. Choose the right programme in order not to wash for too long or at a too high temperature. In most cases, 30°C – 40°C is sufficient. After use, always turn off the machines.

Choose the adequate programme and use the ECO PROGRAMME. Only use the dishwasher when it is full. Glasses with labels (e.g. pesto glasses) are not allowed to be washed in the dishwasher. You are obligated to service the machine by regularly refilling the DISHWASHER SALT (NOT COOKING SALT) and cleaning it (especially the sieves).

Waste Separation:
Waste Separation is COMPULSORY and has to be carried out diligently. The bio-waste container, for instance, is most definitely the wrong place for residual waste. You also have to take care not to dispose of your bio-, metal- or glass-waste in a plastic bag. Additionally, it is important to REGULARLY take down the rubbish and not to just leave it outside of the apartment.

Cooler Units:
Please REGULARLY DEFROST freezers and fridges and do not keep them open for a longer period of time.

General Info:
You are obligated to take care of WIST inventory. This includes hygienic conditions in the kitchen and wiping away spilled water after having a shower.
Do not waste water by letting taps and showers run for an unnecessarily long period of time.
Please TURN OFF LIGHTS, computer and charging devices when not needed.

Waste Separation

Waste Separation

Waste separation is obligatory in all of our student residences and is of great importance to us. Apart from being able to reduce costs by diligent separation, we also give high priority to the idea of recycling. The information sheet by the Stadt Graz may assist you in correctly disposing your waste: SEE INFORMATION SHEET.
Please also make an effort to leave the waste disposal area in good condition and put everything in the appropriate container. Waste or items that are just dumped around the containers will not be picked up by the waste collection and therefore cause extra costs.



The Internet access in the WIST residences is via the vc-graz (virtual campus). The vc-graz is run by the ZID (central IT service of the Graz University of Technology) and many student residences. As a participant, you must stick to the usage rules. There is a data volume limit of 50 GB per month. If you use 80% of the volume, you will be notified by email. If you exceed the limit, your access will be blocked for the rest of the month. The access data is sent out by the administration via email. On the vc-admin page, you can manage your own account and view information.

Setting up the Internet Connection

  1. Connect the computer to the network socket with a non-crossed network cable (RJ45). Note: Only one of the two jacks is connected.
  2. Set up a PPPoE connection. For some operating systems there are instructions.
    logo_win▶ Windows
    logo_macMAC (Thanks to the Home Committee of the Ghegagasse)
    logo_linuxLinux (Debian based): apt-get install pppoe pppoeconf, pppoeconf

Further instructions can be found at the sites of the Residence Committees:
▶ Ghegagasse
▶ Moserhofgasse 34