WMM WIST mobilises

WMM WIST mobilises

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Photos: Land Steiermark

Since 2010, the topic “Energy, Sustainability and Careful Treatment of Resources” has been very important to the WIST Steiermark. During the winter term of 2010/2011, an energy saving competition was initiated among the student residences. The winners of the categories electricity and heating were awarded a prize in June 2012. Even after the competition, the WIST still pursues the idea of sustainability. For this, constant awareness raising is necessary, as there is a large turnover in the student residences. The new students are informed at arrival about energy saving measures and ways to conserve resources.

As a further area on the subject of sustainability and the careful treatment of resources, the WIST aims to promote the sustainable transport of the residents.

In order to mobilise the student residents of Graz to commute to their university by bicycle, professional bicycle service boxes were installed at six WIST locations. This is to help the residents keep their bicycles fit for the road.

This project was generously supported by the Environmental Office of the City of Graz, the Land Steiermark and Wiener Städtische Versicherung.

On November 23rd, 2015, a bicycle service box was symbolically “opened” in Moserhofgasse, representing all six service boxes. The board members present and the members of the WIST staff were delighted about the success of this project. Some high-profile guests included Landesrat Jörg Leichtfried, Stadträtin Lisa Rücker, the Landesdirektor of the Wiener Städtische Dr. Gerald Krainer and Gerd Kronheim from the “Bicycle” association.

The project WMM received a certificate of the VCÖ mobility prize 2015. This was as a thank you for the special commitment and the important contribution towards sustainable traffic solutions.

Sandball Court opened at Moserhofgasse 20-22

Sandball Court opened at Moserhofgasse 20-22

In June 2015, a sandball field for our campus Moserhofgasse was opened in the presence of our board of directors, branch office and HYPO Steiermark, represented by CEO Bernhard Türk. This project, which only had a very brief planning and realisation phase, was implemented by our students. It offers a further possibility of maintaining a community in our student residences and finding a sportive balance to the often quite hard daily study routine.

Special thanks to the sponsors, especially the main sponsor HYPO Steiermark, the Energie Graz, the SPÖ Landtagsklub der SPÖ Steiermaark as well as the Sport and Social Office of Graz.

There is nothing stopping a “WIST on the Beach” now …


Founding Member Univ.-Prof. Dr. Helmut Seel elected as the first honorary President of the WIST

Founding Member Univ.-Prof. Dr. Helmut Seel elected as the first honorary President of the WIST

During a small celebration on Thursday, April 16th 2015, the certificate denoting the honorary presidency was awarded by Chairman of the WIST, SR Ing. Kurt Weber. The founding member and long-time chairman, Mr. em. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Helmut Seel, gratefully received the certificate, standing for the executive committee, the presidency and the WIST Steiermark team.

Notable guests included Landesrätin Dr.in Bettina Vollath and Landesrat Mag. Michael Schickhofer, who both found very personal and appreciative words for the first honorary President of the WIST Steiermark.