In the WIST Steiermark student residences in Graz, Kapfenberg and Leoben, 1402 students can find both cheap and high-quality living facilities.

Since the 1st Ordinary General Assembly of Economic Aid for Working Students (WIHAST) was held on March 30th 1951, many things have happened. The beginning of the WIHAST, in regard to the construction of student dormitories, was not successful. Only after the General Assembly on March 2nd 1987, when the WIHAST became an economic aid to Styrian students, that active and successful work began.

The first property was acquired on Wiener Straße 58a in autumn 1987. After a construction period of three years, a student residence with 244 beds was opened in October 1991.

In June 1992, the “Roter Saal”, a hall with an integrated café, was opened as a cultural centre on Wiener Straße, which has now become a centre for events of all kinds, called the “Theater am Lend”.

In July 1992, two more buildings, Keplerstraße 75 and 77, were purchased and adapted. Thus, another 74 places were created for students. After further housing adaptions, the number of places was increased to 80, which were largely used by exchange students.

In October 1996, the student residence at Moserhofgasse 34 was first occupied with 150 beds. The central administration office of the WIST has been located there since March 1997. The adjoining Café mo.xx has enjoyed great popularity since then. A short time later the event hall was opened in the Moserhofgasse, which regularly hosts both native and international artists.

In 1997, two other student residences were opened, one in Moserhofgasse 20-22 with 267 beds and one in Ghegagasse 9-19 with 309 beds.

The sixth student residence, situated in Moserhofgasse 36 and opened in 2000, offers space for 132 students.

The WIST sets new standards for student accommodation in small self-contained residential units. They are not only in Graz, but also in Kapfenberg. In 2001, the student residence in Kapfenberg was opened in the vicinity of the Fachhochschule Joanneum with 81 beds.

Since 2005, there are a further 80 places for students in our residence in Leoben.

In 2007, the WIST Steiermark took over the student residence in Fröbelgasse 34 from the WIST Oberösterreich, which was threatened to be closed down.
The residence was renovated and could be reoccupied from September 2007 onwards.

In the summer of 2011, the student residence Keplerstraße 75-77 was sold by the ENW and has not been used as a student residence since. In October 2011, the most recent student residence Münzgrabenstraße-Messequartier was opened for 97 students. This residence is the first WIST student residence designed as a passive house.

WIST Chronology

March 2nd 1987 Foundation of the WIST Steiermark
Summer 1987 Purchase of the property in Wiener Straße 58a
September 1987 Award of architectural competition
July 1989 Ground-breaking ceremony for the student residence Wiener Straße 58a
October 1991 First occupation of Wiener Straße 58a (224 beds)
June 1992 Opening of the cultural centre “Roter Saal” and Café in Wiener Straße 58a
July 1992 Purchase of the buildings Keplerstraße 75 and 77
Summer 1992 Adaptation Keplerstraße 75-77
October 1992 First occupation of Keplerstraße 75-77 (74 beds)
Summer 1993 Purchase of two properties in the Moserhofgasse
March 1995 Ground-breaking project Moserhofgasse 34
November 1995 Ground-breaking project Moserhofgasse 20-22
Winter 1995/96 Construction start at Ghegagasse 9-19
October 1996 First occupation of Moserhofgasse 34
April 1997 Start of cultural events held in the new event hall
May 1997 Opening ceremony Moserhofgasse 34
September 1997 First occupation of Moserhofgasse 20-22 (267 beds) and Ghegagasse 9-19 (309 beds)
November 6th 1997 10-year celebration and official opening of Moserhofgasse 20-22
September 2000 First occupation of Moserhofgasse 36
September 2001 First occupation in Kapfenberg
September 2005 First occupation in Leoben
September 2007 Reoccupation of Fröbelgasse 34 after refurbishment and being taken over by the WIST Steiermark from the WIST Oberösterreich
October 2007 20-year anniversary of the WIST with Bundespräsident Dr. Heinz Fischer
October 2010 Start of the Energy Saving Competition
October 2011 First occupation of Müngrabenstraße-Messequartier
June 21st 2012 Awarding of the national coat of arms by the Landeshauptmann Mag. Franz Voves
June 21st 2012 Awarding of the winners of the Energy Saving Competition
January 1st 2014 Purchase of Moserhofgasse 34
January 1st 2015 Purchase of Moserhofgasse 20-22